The 49ers

I was living in Vermont at the time when I heard about the gold.  People from all over tried to get rich.  We were called the 49ers.

A lot of stores got built, and miners needed tools.  They very rarely found gold.  It was mostly the people who sold the tools who got rich.

It was so hard for me to mine, with the cold water on my legs.  A person tried to help with that.  His name was Levi.  Levi invented some very good jeans and sold them to miners.  The Levi company is still around today.

I had to build my own cabin and go hunting to survive.  A lot of people got sick and died.  Luckily, I survived.  I found some gold, and it was a very interesting experience.

The Gold Rush took place in California.  I bought land and stayed there.  One of the ways to get to California was going through Panama on the river, and then on an ocean boat.

That is the Gold Rush history.


The Wondering Moon

The Wondering Moon

I am the wondering moon.

I orbit around the earth.

I smile like a dog that just sprinted a long way.

I feel lonely on the empty sky,  but then the stars move.

I mark the time.

I shine very bright on a very dark night.

I sometimes look at the earth and wonder what it is like.

I am the moon watching you.

Ode to My Cupcake

Ode to My Cupcake


My cupcake, you are beautiful

With all your colors!

I love your gooey frosting.

It is so delicious.

I love it when you sit on the counter and look at me.

It makes me want to eat you up.

You don’t know how much love I put into my bites

When I eat you.

I will never betray you!

. . . . Unless I get hungry . . . .

You have no clue how much I love you.

If You’ve Never Been to Wisconsin

If You’ve Never Been to Wisconsin


If you have never been to Wisconsin,

You don’t know the joy of going outside in the cool, breezy air.

You don’t know the beautiful sparkly lakes.

You don’t know the spring feeling in your soul 

That makes you want to laugh.

You don’t know the birds chirping while you are relaxing by the lake.

You don’t know the beautiful trees that sway in the wind.


If you have never been to Wisconsin,

You don’t know the big, bright sun going into your eyes every minute.

You don’t know the grass swishing in the wind,

And making that beautiful sound you hear outside.

You don’t know the large fish that you catch on a breezy day.


If you have never been to Wisconsin,

You don’t know the weird watery feeling you get in your eyes

When the wind passes by that just tells you it’s spring.

You don’t know the green grass that is so shiny you dream of diamonds.


If you have never been to Wisconsin, 

You don’t know ME.